A.M. Tots

We’re big fans of Nashville’s own “The Flipside” restaurant. One of their best brunch dishes is the A.M. Tots. Unfortunately, tater tots and bacon isn’t the healthiest thing you can ingest. To combat that, we wanted to make a healthy twist on our favorite. Instead of tater tots and hickory-smoked bacon, we replaced those items with Green Giant’s veggie tots and turkey bacon. Even our most critical friends loved this meal! Mhmm.. get in our bellies!

INGREDIENTS (makes two bowls):

  • 1 bag of frozen Green Giant Cauliflower Tots
  • 4 pieces of turkey bacon
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp of queso dip (we used Gordo’s)
  • 1 avocado
  • Optional: Hot sauce


  1. Preheat oven to 425˚and spread the frozen tots onto a cookie sheet.
  2. Place 4 paper towels on a plate, put bacon on top and cover with another paper towel. Cook turkey bacon in microwave according to directions on package until crispy! (Note: Turkey bacon will crisp up after it sits a little bit. So, even if it feels a little flimsy, wait about a minute to see if it crisps up.)
  3. Once oven is preheated, put cookie sheet into the oven. Cook veggie tots for 12-15 mins (I like to do mine a little longer to make them crispier.)
  4. While tots are cooking, chop the bacon into bacon bits and slice your avocado.
  5. Next, heat 1 tbsp of olive oil in a sauce pan and very carefully fry 2 eggs for about 2-3 mins. Season with salt and pepper. Keep the yolk as runny as you like! (We test how runny the yolk is by poking the yolk AFTER you have already cooked the first side of the egg and flipped it. The squishier the yolk, the runnier it will be. The firmer the yolk, the more solid it will be!)
  6. Once tots are done, split them into 2 bowls top with avocado, drizzle queso dip, top with fried egg, and sprinkle with bacon bits! If you want some heat, top with hot sauce.
  7. Serve warm and… enjoy breaking that yolk!

Is there anything more satisfying that breaking a yolk?

We know what you’re thinking – “cauliflower is NOT the same as potatoes.” And you’re right. But topped with these YUM ingredients, you can barely tell the difference. Of course, fried cauliflower nuggets aren’t an adequate replacement for chicken nuggets (although we’ve never tried), but they are the perfect replacements for tater tots. This is gonna be your new favorite brunch meal. So enjoy it with a tasty mimosa or a Bloody Mary (just don’t top your bloody with a chicken wing or a slider because that just negates everything you’re trying to do with the diet…). Try pickles, okra, and celery instead. 👍🏼

Eat up!

– Catherine and Ford


P.S. Tell us when you cook our recipes! We would love to give you a shout out and chat about what we can do better!

If you’ve got any recipe ideas, comments, or questions, feel free to leave them for us below. We are eager to hear any and ALL of your feedback. Thanks for reading!

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