Welcome to Post Grad Meals!

We’re glad you dropped by.

If you’re visiting Post Grad Meals, you’re probably in the same boat as we are… broke, lazy, and just a tad bit overweight (if you’re not, we’re jealous). That’s why we created this blog. Any recently-graduated young professional thinks it’s nearly impossible to eat well and support that drinking habit they picked up in college on an entry-level salary. We’re here to prove them wrong.


Ford in 2015 – not his finest moment

Since beginning what would eventually become the Post Grad Meals diet back in September 2016, our co-founder Ford has lost 12 pounds (5 pounds away from his target weight) without making any serious lifestyle changes. Keep in mind that this post was written two months later…

He has a 50-hour work week, goes out multiple nights a week, and refuses to work out, yet still finds time to cook healthy meals with flavors so bold they’d make Guy Fieri’s mouth water.

After being sidelined from the #fitfam with an invasive kidney surgery, our other co-founder Catherine knew she would have to start eating better to balance out her inability to work out. She started crafting dank recipes and successfully teaching Ford how to cook in the meantime. Now, she spends her days at work and her nights making tasty eats.

Feel free to take a look around. If you like what you see, give us your email. We’re not gonna take your money… yet.

JK you’ll get sweet recipes, blogs, and other cool things.

– Catherine and Ford

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